Welcome back! This wiki was down for a few years, so much of it is pretty outdated, but now that it's up & running again, hopefully that will change over time

This wiki's primary function is as a repository of notes on free software packages I use, and hardware I run free software on (debian GNU/linux, mostly). I notice the stuff I use most often (Python, PHP, bash) is severely under-represented, so please do get in touch if you are searching for sample code.

I have enabled the acl system, so you won't be able to edit pages unless you create an account, but there is a comment system on some pages.

if you create new pages, please respect the namespaces!


latest changes


roughly in order of recent activity,

  • reposite scripts to manage web development projects via cvs
  • xemu cross-site emu web objects for use with KE software's texxml server
  • invoicer perl cli hours tracker & invoice generator
  • dotfiles simple bash function definitions to keep my many $HOME dirs in sync via cvs
  • tagger perl cli script front-end to Audio::TagLib for tagging mp3, ogg, flac
  • pradio personal radio is a db-driven dj which accepts input via npd (now playing daemon) and feedback from cli client np
  • ncursync ncurses frontend to rsync to manage options for different projects/deployments
  • etcskel uniform /etc/skel files, cron setup, backup scripts, and similar utilites to help manage far too many user accounts
  • nybg notes on some projects done for the new york botanical garden

gnu/linux and other free software stuff

these are my notes only. i am not going to write a disclaimer on every page, you should understand that some of this stuff can easily break your system



about this wiki

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